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Clair Morgan and her daughter Gayle arrived in the legendary town of Womansville to love out the rest of their lives. This is the place where all dress in Skirts or frocks, be they man or woman. Gayle discovers her inner dominatrix, once she meets the "girls".

  • Crossdressing
  • Transgender
  • Female Domination
  • Adult Sexual Situations

"Gayle, being a librarian, had access to many books on the subject of transvestism, which she had plenty of time to read and study. One such book, written by Dr. Vera burton, interested Gayle. In one chapter, Dr. Vera wrote about cases of young boys wearing their sister's clothes. On being discovered, often as not the child would receive punishment. It never seemed to deter them; in fact it typically encouraged the boy. Some looked on their mother as sho they would like to emulate in their dressing, even seeking a woman who would force them to dress i her clothes, dominate them, force them to put her clothes on . Such a dream spurred that type to seeking the woman of their dreams. The chapter inspired Gayle. She knew what she must do.