Two Girls

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Two Girls by Eleanor Darby Wright

William has been dressed as a little girl as part of play with her friend Alice. Alice so likes her new friend, whom she names Melissa, that she requests that this is to be her new and best friend. Alice's mom jumps in, and, in order to please her daughter, gets William's mom onboard with a little cash. The story starts here and follows Melissa as her life progresses on and she becomes the lovely girl that, it seems, she was always meant to be.

  • Female Domination
  • Slow Transformation
  • Adult Sexual Situations


The pills she took every night, that Alice had been supposed to take, certainly had an effect on Melissa. Or maybe it was all the frank talk about puberty, Alice showing that she knew a lot more than Melissa had thought a girl like her would. That talk of making it, going all the way with a guy, made Melissa shudder the worst. It seemed to be in the front of Alice's mind as she minced into the foyer of the theater with her arm through her girlfriend's.

Similar moods seemed to be infecting both girls these days. There were both giggly with the guys, two years older, whom they'd dated together for six months. Both guys were tall, looking down on the well made-up girls in their shapely revealing dresses.