Trophy Husband

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Another great story of sissy maid training from the pen of Tiffany Mellis (also known as Bea).

  • Female Domination
  • Slow Transformation
  • Sissy Maid Training

In my opinion, my introduction to wearing the lingerie created a major fissure in any remaining masculinity I had. It can be argued that the use of perfume could have been explained away as evidence of a man's cologne but what Dorothy had made for Lunn and myself now was far too pretty to come even close to a man's product. Ane? Women generally have a much more acute sense of smell than men do. There was no fooling them - not a chance. The use of the scent may be perceived as a much lesser thing than the wearing of bra and panties - but it started the leak that finally drained away my masculinity and replace it with a flood of femininity in practically no time at all.