The Wallmeier Chronicles

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The best pictures for Latex Lovers from acclaimed photographer Matthias Wallmeier and some of the best Heavy Rubber Models like Miss Fetilicious, Maria Schmidt and many more! 

For the first time in High Quality Printed Coffeetable Book!

The best pictures of Heavy Rubber Enthusiast Matthias Wallmeier featuring great works with models like:

  • Miss Fetilicious
  • Sainty Freya
  • Lady Macabre
  • Mandy Xotoxic
  • Kali Dreadful
  • Maria Schmidt

and many many more!

Mostly covered from head to toe in lots and lots of Rubber and Latex these pictures are not only on a high standard from the photographers point of view but a pleasure for every Latex Lover!

Info about the Book:

  • Extra Large Format: 22 x 32cm
  • 256 pages of heavy high gloss paper
  • more than 280 pictures, some of them have never released before
  • all pictures completely remastered and updated
  • Limited first Edition with Banderole