The Best Christmas Present Ever

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If you had ever met Lieutenant Colonel R. C. Lawton, you would think that you were looking at just another seasoned old warhorse. But "RC" has a secret. He has a special thing for young, pretty men in dresses. After mustering out he gets a job working in a furniture factory in Montana, where he meets a young man with just that potential... It's the story of lives slowly drifting and combining.

"Oh my," he caught his breath audibly, those soft plump lips mere centimeters from mine, his sweet breath intoxicating. Slowly, hesitantly, he lowered his head and those tempting lips met mine, gently at first, then with increasing pressure as we lost ourselves in the wonder of our first kiss!

His arms slid around my neck and he held me tightly! I could feel the softness of his body writhing against mine as my one had went around his waist to hold him tight while my other caressed him. The kiss seemed to go on forever and ever and I was wishing that we would never have to part.

Silly me!

He stiffened in my arms, raised his head and looked at me with consternation written all over his flaming face. "Oh no! No! I'm not... I can't... oh, Royal, what you must think of me!" he stammered.

"If you are going to apologize for kissing me, Ronny McGrath, you can forget about it! I am not one bit sorry I kissed you! It takes two to make a kiss and I will treasure it for the rest of my life!"

"No, we can't... I'm engaged... and... and... all..." he stammered. Hurriedly, he disentangled himself from my arms, stood and rushed off through the woods.