Marquis #68

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After the special exit for the 25th anniversary was supposed to seal the final end, it actually initiated the restart. The Marquis Magazine continues!
Peter W. Czernich - the founder and creative head of 25 years of the Marquis - will continue to accompany the Marquis and his input will continue to be formative for the magazine. But with a fresh editorial team behind you, you can publish the magazine regularly four times a year!


In this first edition you can expect:

    • Covergirl Dani Divine with a great photo spread and the secret of how to impress her!
    • Interview & exclusive photo shoot in latex with cabaret artist Lisa Eckhart
    • Big in Japan: We show insights into the new book by Kurage muse Eri Kitami
    • Portrait of killer heels, flood of images in latex, a feast for every fetish lover
    • Art - The art of staging fetish in the doll's house
    • Fashion Flash - The best new designs!
    • Work show: Peter W. Czernich opens his treasure chest and shows the best pictures!


  • The cover story: Ballet Heels - The steepest shoes since women's legs, with Alexandra Potter & Raymond Kerrin Larum

Information about the Marquis Magazine:

Marquis is a German or English language fetish magazine that was launched by Peter W. Czernich and has been produced since August 1994. The Marquis was thus the official successor to the "O" magazine.
It was published every six to three months and was aimed primarily at lovers of fetish, latex and fashion. The main topics were photography, models, books, films, fashion, art and lifestyle.

The name of the magazine refers to the philosopher and author Marquis de Sade. Numerous models such as the incomparable Dita von Teese, the fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp, Minka, Jade Vixen, Starfucked, or the muse Nina de Lianin adorned the cover and helped to make the Marquis into a scene that enjoyed a unique reputation worldwide.

High quality magazine on heavy art paper, 116 pages