Made a Lesbian

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James Bruce, devoted husband to his wife Edith, is shocked and dismayed when he discovers that his wife is a lesbian. Edith has a suggestion that will help insure that she is still interested in him. Turn him into a woman!

  • Crossdressing
  • Female Domination

"Jim, what would you say to becoming a woman?"

Where the hell did Edith get that idea from? Whatever my wife may be, she is not a stupid woman. I was sure this had been will thought out. I thought for a moment or two in  stunned silence and gave the only answer I could come up with at the time.


"Because if I am honest with myself, I never did my wifely duty , did I? With you as a woman, that could change. I would even turn a blind eye should you have a relationship with another female. I could forgive that."

Edith continued, "Think it over Jim. I know this is a shock to the system but you know it is the best thing for you, for us. Give me an answer when you come to a conclusion."