Free For Life

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Stephen Drake has a secret that he has kept from his family and the world. He feels like a woman. When his family is accidentally killed by some drug addicts, he begins to deal with this difficult issue and, as Stephanie, will secure revenge on the people responsible for the death of his family.

  • Transgender
  • Transformation
  • Crime Story


In my spare time I had continued to think about that blue warehouse. I decided to get a look inside before my surgery if for no other reason than to satisfy my curiosity. 

There had to be something there, I just knew it in my gut. Maybe it was possible that woman's intuition had come with hormones?

I ate dinner at the Hilltop Restaurant overlooking the river above the marina two nights the week before my surgery. The food there was as good as the food at the private club whee I worked. 

They say that desperate times make for desperate measures. that certainly was true for me. I wanted to get some answers. I was bound and determined to do just that before my surgery took place.

I would not be very active following the surgery so I felt that now was the best time to take the first step by trying to get into that blue warehouse. 

It would be the last thing I would be able to do as a man, but the first thing to do in getting a line on what exactly was going on in there.