Feminized for Life Mini Novel

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It all starts out innocently enough when Larry Wynn helps his mom with her cleaning business. One of her clients offers him a part time job in her pharmacy to add to his income. There he proves himself to be an excellent worker, so when an accident sidelines one of the cosmetic salesgirls, he steps in to see if he can help. Then a Halloween business party comes along... It's a gradual change from there, but eventually a complete one.

Larry Wynn helps his mom with her cleaning business. His expertise lands him a part time job at a pharmacy owned by one of moms' clients. She transfers him to cosmetic sales. Later after a brief stint en femme she helps him thru make up artist school but he remains en femme. Over time he is feminized by his employer. He graduates and is employed en femme in a retired super models' studio where he, now known as Laura, and a fellow employee Phyllis, formerly Phillip, pursue careers in the field of make up and wig sales.