Can I purchase a subscription to your magazines?

While we are grateful for your interest, Transformation and Forced Womanhood publish as Special Interest Publications 3-4 times per year, and no longer have a subscription model available. The most reliable way to be sure you haven't missed an issue is to sign up for our email newsletter or print flyer as we send out announcements to our list when every new issue arrives.

How can I be featured in Transformation?

This is our most frequently asked question and even though we cannot guarantee a feature we are always looking for Reader Letters and community generated content. We have more information on how to submit materials, along with a contact form, on our blog www.transformationonline.com.

How can I be featured in Forced Womanhood?

We would love to publish your letters, stories, or photos in our unique publication! Please send an inquiry email to: info@forced-womanhood.com and we will get back to you. Please note, due to the adult nature of this magazine you will be required to sign a model release form and submit photo ID so we can verify you are over the age of 18.

Do you have a back issue I am looking for?

We have a selection of many back issues but the older the publication date the less likely it is to be in stock. Once print magazines are produced we cannot get any more so we encourage you to buy early. Our company archive is fairly complete and we hope to digitize as many back issues and catalogs as we can very soon.

How can I read issues on my computer?

We are in process of creating a digital newsstand with more current issues, and plan to archive back issues and catalogs as time allows. For now we have a few issues available to download here.