Digital Download Help

We know you love our unique lifestyle magazines covering topics of transgender life, crossdressing, the art of drag, and forced femininization, and you can now download many of our current and back issues to view on your personal computer. Downloading the PDF files is simple but there are a few steps to get there so we are providing a basic overview of how the process works. The download links do not appear immediately upon check out, an order confirmation is emailed to you with the links to where you actually download your products.

We are not able to offer refunds for Digital Download products for any reason. If you experience trouble or errors downloading your products call or email us right away so we can troubleshoot the issue and send the PDF to you directly.

(775) 322-5119 or

*Please note, these are general instructions and things may look or behave differently depending on your computer system, browser, security settings, etc.

First of all, please make sure you have selected the correct version of the magazine you wish to read. Our digital editions will appear in your cart with a black box at the bottom of the cover which reads "PDF" so you know this is a downloadable file.

You will need to use a current and valid email address when checking out because your confirmation email will contain the links you need to download your products. You may have to check your junk or Spam folders if you do not see an email from us.

When you check your email you should get something which looks like this:

Open your order confirmation email and make sure all your products are listed. Occasionally there is a slight delay in this process when using Paypal so you may not see the order confirmation email for 24-48 hours while payment clears.

You are now able to click on the blue hyperlinks to go to the page where download links are located, this will be back on our eCommerce site. You have 3 attempts available for downloads, which will be indicated on the page.

As noted above, you must click the Black PDF file link to begin the download process. We recommend clicking one at a time and letting each product download before moving to the next one as these files can be quite large. If you click them all at once and close out your browser session before all files can download you will need to repeat this process for files you missed.

If you are not sure where your download files are on your computer (usually a folder called "downloads") we suggest searching for them using your computer's search function.

If you are still having trouble please email us through your account/order so we have an order number to refer to while customer service assists you through the process.