Bra Busters

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Like many a young actor, Adam finds parts to be few and far between. As his agent puts it, there aren't many roles for baby-faced nerdy guys. Adam is making ends meet by living with his sister Kellie and working as a server. One night Kellie's friend Sharon stops by. Sharon happens to know a thing or two about hypnosis. For a giggle, the two decide to see if they can get Adam to behave like a woman. As it turns out, Adam is the perfect subject for a hypnotist.

Without realizing it, he actually shows up at work wearing stiletto heels. When his agent Melissa calls to tell him there is an opening in an upcoming production, it's for a female impersonator. Adam agrees to try out for it. To get ready for the role, he takes a job at a restaurant that employs boys who look like girls as servers. Things get interesting from there as Adam gets completely into the part, both in and out of work. He also finds out that the owner of Busters, Gordon, has more than a passing interest in him.