Ballbusters Parts 1 & 2

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Jimmy, a barely effective employee, works at Ryker Financial Services, a company staffed by all women, except for 3, and has lost a big account. He is called into the president, Rita Ryker’s, office to answer for this. She puts off deciding whether or not to fire him, but seems to have other plans. He soon is turning him into the office pet. First it’s wearing panties, what’s next? 

  • Female Domination
  • Sissy Training
  • Crossdressing
  • Adult Sexual Situations


Late that afternoon Jimmy was summoned to Rita Ryker's office. Again he waited a log time before being ushered into her office.

She paced the floor behind her desk. The afternoon sun streamed through the wall window highlighting her fiery hair, setting it aglow. Her knee length skirt stretched taut against round buttocks as she waked back and forth. He could see the backs of her legs reveailed through the skirt's real slit.

"Sit down Jimmy, I've been thinking," she said, pacing, "about the conditions of your continued employment."

His heart sared. "Anything, Ms. Ryker."

She pointed to a slim package on her desk. "Open it."

He did and looked up dumbfounded. "These are panties."

"Yes I want you to wear them."


"You must be hard of hearing, and so young. I said, I want you to wear them."

"You cant' be serious."

Rita Ryker came around the desk and stood over him. "I was never more serious."

The bolero jacket was definitely styled for a woman but it did compliment my outfit.

She sprayed me with a burst of her perfume, told me I looked lovely.

She held out two pairs of shoes, the flats or the smaller heels, my choice. I chose the flats and she grinned, said with either pair I'd look nice.

When I looked in the vanity mirror I was surprised at how well the makeup worked, how girly I looked.

The last touch was soft pink lipstick which she over-painted, making my lips look fuller than they were, the added a transparent lip gloss.