Aphrodite Silicone Breast Forms

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The ultimate in lifelike, natural feeling breast forms! These hand crafted breasts with "no-membrane" skin means the forms cannot burst, making them safe to sleep in. They self-adhere so you can wear a non-pocketed bra, and with proper care will last over a year


  • Self-adhering breast forms mean you can wear a non-pocketed bra and creates a more natural feeling when they are worn in a bra.
  • Tapered edges blend to the body while creating a more natural appearance.
  • Fits left and right for a more natural fit and add fullness towards the underarm and making shoulders appear smaller.
  • Warms to your body for the most natural experience because they feel like real skin.


Each pair includes: Storage box, care kit, and attached Lola nipples (Cinnamon)*

*Purchase additional nipples separately

Please call for sizing assistance