A Perfect World

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A space opera if you will... Stephen Brace, an itinerant space jockey docks his ship on a station named Perfect as the ship needs extensive repairs. After months of travel, he and his crew get into the inevitable trouble and begin to find out about all those commercials regarding changing men into "Perfect Girls."

  • Science Fiction
  • Transformation
  • Adult Sexual Situations

"Despite all the stitching in me, I wasn't allowed to miss a session of dancing voice-training. In one of the makeup sessions, Stella took me to the side and dyed my real hair. She made it a platinum blonde and, after it was done, it was waved and styled and a weave was put into it. It was just as if I had my own long hair, like a woman. The other girls loved me and the way I looked and sounded. I was welcomed into womanhood just as Linda had been. I know I was blushing and so discomforted as my breasts bumped and caressed against other of smiling girls just like me. The final indignity came when I was working on a dance with Alicia, she showing me how to swish my dress about me, and not balance on my heels, but on my toes, when I told her that I just couldn't so it. I wondered why she was looking at me as she was but she suddenly called Miss Miller over and had me say what I just had to her. "Oh wonderful," said Agnes Miller to Alicia and me. "You've found your voice, Jennifer! You've kept that up for over ten minutes, Alicia tells me. The Brothers will be so pleased. I think we'be found ingenue actress they want for this movie fo theirs. I definitely will recommend to them that you become an actress, Jennifer, as well as a dancer." "But I don't want..." I began in a shudder as Agnes smiled broadly at me.