A Joke Gone Wrong

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When Greg Edwards, who is eager to begin his life after graduating from college, sees an opportunity for income he applies for a job as a flight attendant. As he speaks multiple languages, he lands it easily but is surprised when he seems to be accidentally issued the dress code for a woman. His friend suggests he follows it as a gag, but finds he isn't reprimanded when he shows up at work, but instead complimented. Was this all an accident or can there be secret forces at work here?

  • Mystery
  • Crossdressing
  • Hypnosis
  • Transgender
  • Hormones

I didn't even feel the needle penetrating my skin. Waves of drowsiness washed over me after a minute or so. I felt myself slipping into a semi-conscious state...

"I want you to listen very carefully to me now, When you hear Amanda or anyone else refer to you as Terri, it will make you happy. the more you hear people calling you Terri, the more comfortable you will feel with the name. The more you hear people calling you Terri, the more normal it will feel. Greg will begin to feel like a strange name to you. Indicate that you understand tis by saying that your name is Terri."

"My name is Terri."

"Say it again."

"My name is Terri."

"Excellent, let's move on."